What’s The Best Fat Burner in the UK? You Might Be Surprised

In the UK, we all know the social stigma of being obese – the whispers and stares, the judgmental looks and snickering. And while those things are definitely hurtful, emotionally and psychologically, it’s nothing compared to the damaging effects obesity has on your health physically. So if you’re looking to "burn" fat, read on.

Being overweight can certainly hinder your daily routines, from making it difficult to bend down to retrieve a dropped item, to not having the energy to play outside with your kids or grandkids. But the real danger from obesity lies within its ability to wreak havoc on a cellular level. Hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease have all shown to have a direct correlation with obesity. But the scariest correlation of all is the big “C” – that’s right – cancer. In fact, for over a decade, research has been showing that obesity or being overweight is responsible for 25% of cancer incidence – second ONLY to tobacco use! Click here to review the most recent studies: So, given our current rising obesity trends, what can we do? It’s so important to be educated on nutrition and health choices. That’s why at Stanmore Chiropractic, we offer nutritional counseling. Simply stated, food is the essence of life. What we put into our bodies has the power to bring us life and health, or rob us of that same life and health. That’s right, believe it or not, the food you eat is the best fat burner in the UK! The human body is an amazing self-healing and self-regulating machine. It miraculously extracts what it needs from the food and rids itself of the rest. But we recognize that due to lifestyle, convenience and misunderstanding, many people struggle daily with food and diet. We’re here to eliminate the confusion and provide you with a plan and accountability. You don’t have to face this seemingly overwhelming problem alone – we want to be your partner in losing weight and getting truly HEALTHY – not from some fad diet – but from eating real food, using a real plan to get real results. If you live in the Harrow area, we hope you’ll give us a call at 020 8954 8311 to schedule a consultation with one of our professional, highly trained nutritional counselors. We want you to be healthy – to lose weight, feel great, ward off disease – and we know we can help!