Blessed To Be A Blessing

When we read the news about a 6-year-old little boy named Rory with disabilities who lost his orthotic shoe last month, we just couldn’t stand idly by. Read the full story here. We immediately contacted the family to offer a replacement pair at no charge to the family so Rory can continue his daily therapies and efforts to help him learn to walk. You see, Rory’s shoes help keep his feet in the correct position to support him structurally. It is a crucial step in his learning how to walk. Born four months premature, Rory has had a host of sensory, physical, and neurological challenges his entire life. But that hasn’t stopped him – or his parents – from pushing every day to achieve a higher quality of life. He is a remarkable little boy, with an incredibly loving and supportive family, dedicated to helping him achieve all the milestones many never thought possible for him. But achieving those milestones come at a cost. The therapies and aids can be incredibly expensive and when the family went for a visit to Rory’s dad’s hometown of Truro and lost one of his shoes, it was a devastating blow. Thankfully, we read about the story and were able to contact the family to offer a free pair of our custom Foot Leveler orthotics to Rory - not because it was good publicity, but because it was the right thing to do. You see, no one else in the UK has Foot Levelers and the family had traveled to America to have Rory’s first pair of shoes made. Shortly after we extended the offer, the family came to visit our office so we could scan and cast Rory’s feet and begin the process of creating the custom orthotics for him. He was a delight from the moment he came in, the kind of child that lights up a room with his smile. Even though we had to hold his feet to the scanner and in the casts, he was compliant and made it through the process like a champ. We feel so blessed to be able to help this sweet little boy on his journey towards walking and can’t wait to follow his inspirational progress. If you’d like to follow his progress, or maybe even donate to his GoFundMe campaign, you can find more information on his Facebook page. We are truly blessed to be a blessing.