Balancing the Brain: How Sleep & Chiropractic Care Affect the Brain

Sleep is one of those precious commodities that you just can’t live without. It’s more than just a period of downtime. Your body uses sleep to heal, regenerate, organise your memories, and grow. So, how does it work? It’s not just a single process during which your brain turns off. In fact, it’s a complicated period jam-packed with brainwave activity worth understanding. During day-to-day consciousness your brain functions using beta waves – that’s the highest activity rhythm. It helps you cope with all the tasks and activities necessary to function in society. When you close your eyes and experience present-time consciousness, or what some might call “staying in the now”, your brain shifts to alpha waves. At this point, you could say you are “in the zone”. Learning to activate your alpha rhythm helps you feel less anxious, more relaxed, and more creative. It is during alpha wave activity that a “eureka!” moment is possible. Upon entering the first stage of sleep your brain makes the shift to theta waves. This is the lightest stage of sleep. If you wake while in theta rhythm you may not even think you were sleeping at all. Scientists believe that ADHD, depression, and hyperactivity relate to excessive theta activity. On the flip side, too little theta activity links to anxiety and stress. EEGwavepatterns The final sleep-related brainwave is the delta wave. If woken during this stage of sleep you might feel disorientated and groggy.  The brain uses this period for body rejuvenation, healing, and growth.  This regenerative stage is vital for feeling refreshed the morning after. So, what can you do to improve your sleep? First, consider meditation. Give yourself a short period each day to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. It’s also beneficial to focus on a particular outcome you want to achieve during this time. If you’re affected by ADHD, depression, or hyperactivity, focus on increasing your brain’s alpha activity. Your sleep can also improve by focusing on delta wave activity. Although difficult to do, the technology exists to make improvements to your delta rhythm. At Stanmore Chiropractic Clinic, we use Brain Tap technology to help recreate this activity. Brain Tap technology re-establishes the various brain waves. If you struggle to meditate, have difficulties with anxiety and depression, or never manage to feel well-rested, this series of programs can help re-educate your brain back to rhythmic balance. headset For more information about Brain Tap technology and how to get your brain adjusted, speak to your Chiropractor at Stanmore Chiropractic Clinic.